Corporate Massage

OnSite Massage provides quality massage and bodywork that decreases stress and pain for your employees. Improve morale, employee retention and lower health care costs by allowing us to set up in your offices for your next employee appreciation day, just because or on a recurring basis. Contact us today to learn more and to set up a FREE demo!

Athletic Teams

OnSite Massage provides top quality bodywork for athletes who need to recover quicker, prevent injury and to perform at their best during games or competitions. Bringing our services to your teams adds ease and convenience for everyone. Prices vary on location and number of athletes. Contact us today for prices.


OnSite massage can easily and conveniently come to the comfort of your home and give you quality and relaxing massage and bodywork for you, your spouse or a small party. Download our APP today to schedule!

Massage Monday

Health Program

By implementing our Massage Monday health program to your office, you give your employees something to look forward to on the most dreaded day of the week. Improve work ethic and overall morale by allowing us to come one, two, three or four Mondays a month! Contact us today for scheduling!

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